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Aromatherapy & Massage

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What is aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is the use of pure essential oils extracted from plants, trees and fruits to promote healing and the health of body and mind. Aromatherapy is an ancient natural therapy that dates back to Egyptian times. It can be used in a variety of ways such as massage, inhalation, bathing or compress. Each oil has its own property and can help conditions such as headaches, muscle tensions, stress, cellulite, PMS and many more.

Oils are available to use in neat form or mixed in a carrier as a prescription for various ailments.

What is massage?
Massage is the manipulation of soft tissues for therapeutic purposes. The effects of massage can help to relax the mind, body and muscles and may increase the blood and lymph flow. It can also help to reduce stress related symptoms, help to relieve pain and help improve skin condition.


Aromatherapy dates back to the times of the pyramids & Cleopatra (3000BC).

The Egyptians used perfumed oils, barks, resins in aromatic wines in medicines. The ancient Greeks & Romans used aromatic oils & plant extracts for healing. A popular Greek physician Hippocrates believed that an aromatic bath daily and scented massage were the way to health. He was also aware that many plants had antibacterial properties.

In the middle East an Arabian physician in the tenth century wrote several books on plant essences.

During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries many of the great herbals were published which included recipes on essential oils. It is said that the only people to survive the great plagues were those who used Aromatic oils in their work.

Aromatherapy Today
In the 1920's a French cosmetic chemist, Dr Rene - Maurice Gatte Fosse was carrying out scientific studies of therapeutic properties on essential oils. During his experiments he severely burnt his hand, he plunged it into the nearest bowl of fluid, this fluid happened to be lavender essential oil. The burn healed very quickly leaving no scaring, he immediately realised the power of essential oils and dedicated the rest of his life studying them and was the first to use the term Aromatherapy.

How can aromatherapy benefit you?
Anybody and everybody may benefit from using aromatherapy. The essential oils used during aromatherapy contain a huge amount of properties that help a wide range of ailments. When used on a regular basis aromatherapy can help to boost and strengthen the immune system along with many other positive effects.

There are however some cautions to be aware of:-
leaf Avoid contact with the eyes
leaf Keep out of reach of children
leaf If pregnant or epileptic seek professional advice before using essential oils
leaf Essential oils are very concentrated - Never use neat on the skin

Aromatherapy Treatments
leaf Full body massage
leaf Back massage
leaf Scalp, neck, shoulder, face incl. facial and face mask

Prices available on request

Always be sure to use a qualified therapist.

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